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Feedback From Past Tenants
Thank you for being awesome landlord! Your things are in boxes. We hope the flat is clean.
Beata & Anya
Thank you for being such a fab landlord, these past two years!
Love Ruth x
Our stay in that flat was great, it will be much missed.
Have a good summer, Hannah.
Thanks for supplying a fantastic house for the last two years.
We both wanted to say thank you very much for being such a good landlord for the past two years and how much we enjoyed living in Hillcrest.
Best Wishes,
Lydia and Neil
Many thanks for the use of such a lovely flat over the past 9 months, i have really enjoyed living there. I hope you have a good summer...
We really enjoy living in the flat, very quiet and close to school, and most of all, the land lord is EXTREMELY NICE!!! We are really lucky to have such a nice person like you as our land lord!!
I'm glad the flat has been taken up so quickly, but not really surprised since it would seem to be on a completely different level to most of the student accommodation in Aber.
Now that Simon and Laura are about to leave the tenancy I wanted to let you know that I am very grateful to you for being such a fantastically good landlord. The way you keep your properties and your treatment of your tenants is second to none in my experience and I think Simon and Laura were very lucky to chance to rent from you.
Roger Rushton
Thanks for all your help this year, I doubt we would have found such a nice house in town!
Have a good summer, and just to let you know your a much nicer landlord than the guy I've just moved in with