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General Information

  • Deposits: £300 each person.

  • Booking deposit.  At the point you agree that you would like to rent a house, you will pay £50 each  - whilst the paperwork is assembled - which will form part of your deposit. And will be returned at the end of a lease. There are NO FEES. But you could lose your £50 if, say, your parents refuse to sign the guarantor form, or you can't come up with formal photo ID or your NI number. (So establish this in advance, as all agents will be requiring this info)

  • Broadband. There is a telephone attached to every house. Tenants will take responsibility for ISP. But wifi works well in every room.

  • Repairs. If anything doesn't work, it will be fixed right away. Please see feedback from previous tenants!

  • Changeovers. The lease for Fairview will start on 28th May 2016. So you can drop your stuff off by arrangement on the day, before going home or staying over the summer. The lease for both Cae Tynyfrons will start on  1st July 2016, because there is some work to do, especially on No.2. However, low value items can be left at the house for the summer around 28th May, which won't disturb the work

  • Half rent. There is half rent between 28th May 2016 and 10th September 2016. This is payable by the start of the summer recess. But you can stay over the summer from the start date on the lease (see above paragraph for dates)

  • Rent is payable in four payments. One payment to cover the half rent over the summer. And three payments - one each term. These three payments are timed to suit the student loan scheme:

  • Figures based on £75 pw and half in summer

    May 30th £550 (£375 for Cae Tynyfron)
    1st October £1200
    9th January 2017 £1200
    18th April 2017 £375
    TOTAL FOR THE YEAR £3325 (£3150 for Cae Tynyfron)